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    InteCAST CAE, the casting process simulation software, is an important tool of analysis and optimizing casting process. After more than 20 years’ developing by the development center of InteCAST software of HUST ( Huazhong University of Science and Technology ) and continuous improving through application in foundry, InteCAST CAE comes into being a much better software package. InteCAST CAE is the most famous casting process simulation package in China. Now there are more than 600 licenses of InteCAST CAE system used in over 200 foundry enterprises and universities.
      InteCAST CAE uses numerical simulation technologies of mold filling process and solidification process to analyze casting process. This system can simulate the solidification, mold filling and fluid flow analysis coupling with heat transfer of many kinds of materials such as casting-steel, casting-iron, casting-aluminum and casting-copper etc. It covers almost casting process ranging from gravity casting to investment casting, die casting, low pressure casting and permanent mold casting. It has been proved in real practice that this software is capable of shrinkage prediction, improving and optimizing process, elevating the product quality, reducing waster rate, decreasing riser and gate waste, shortening the cycle of trial-produce, saving manufacture cost, promoting independence on experience and experts in casting process design, maintaining the stability of design level and so on.
      As the one and only casting CAD product of China, InteCAST CAE has once attended the “The First Countrywide CAD Application Exposition”. CCTV and the Countrywide CAD Application Engineering Transaction have reported the applications of this system.
       Current version of InteCAST CAE is 9.0. We have both Chinese Version and English Version. InteCAST CAE has a series of products, such as InteCAST CAE-Steel, InteCAST CAE-Iron, InteCAST CAE-Al, InteCAST CAE-Mg, InteCAST CAE-Zn, InteCAST CAE-Cu, InteCAST CAE-lpdc, InteCAST CAE-hpdc and so on.