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      InteCAST ERP, the ERP system specialized for foundry enterprise, is a simple, easy to use, secure, and reliable management software for foundry enterprise. It was developed by the development center of InteCAST software for more than 10 years, and has been successfully used in several foundry enterprises.
      InteCAST ERP fully integrates Chinese foundry business features, and can also rapid customized according to the special demand of enterprise. InteCAST ERP can help foundry enterprise to improve significantly the operation efficiency of cash flow and logistics and uplift the integrated capability of business management, and aiding the enterprises to implement efficiency accounting processing, fixed assets management, salary management, cashier management, report analysis, purchase management, inventory management, inventory accounting, sales management, and other information-based management.
      We now have only Chinese Version of InteCAST ERP; we can develop English Version when needed.