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       InteCAST FCS, the foundry charging mixing calculation software, is a very important tool for foundry enterprise to get the minimum cost charging mixing scheme. It was developed by the development center of InteCAST software since 2004, and has been successfully used in more than 30 foundry enterprises in and out of China.
       InteCAST FCS has 3 methods to get a charging mixing scheme: Cal. Automatically, Cal. By Hand, Cal. For Furnace. InteCAST FCS has different software for different alloy, such as InteCAST FCS-Steel, InteCAST FCS-Iron, InteCAST FCS-Al InteCAST FCS-Mg, InteCAST FCS-Zn and so on.
       We now have both English Version and Chinese Version of InteCAST FCS. The following pictures show the interfaces and functions of this software.