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The Post-processor


      The post-processing software of InteCAST is a graphic tool that can make misacellaneous data be visual. It is the third part of the InteCAST. The system of InteCAST obtains integrated data form crystallization process and temperature field and fluid flow field of casting and solidification process after processing by two former parts. Because the data is magnitude of physical quantity which is based on 4D space field, it is especially numerous and jumbled (usually as large as several million bytes).It cannot be read and identified without processing. This task of post-processing soft is to analyze and identify this trivial data then organizing visual 3D graphics in order to simulate filling and solidification process. So the solid modeling can be solid and the process can be moved.

      The contents of this part are geometrical modeling of casting, process structure, variety color of temperature during the solidification process, distributing of casting temperature grads, distributing of liquidus during the solidification process, detail of phase changing, distributing of stress field and speed field, changes of stress field and speed field, complexion of filling casting, and the order of solidification time and so on.

      Casting or mold entity can be circumgyrated with discretionary angles. The graphics in this part is shown as projection. The projective plane is XOY. The castings can be shown by being circumrotated any angles, dissecting at any positions and choosing 2D section as well.

      It can display the detail of the phase changing by the orderly animation of liquid-phase distributing of solidification process. We can judge the position and trend of casting’s shrinkage defects by the detail of the phase changing and corresponding criterions. The detail of the phase changing also can offer criterion for optimizing process.

      In this part, graphics are all saved and fetched in BMP format, the animation are saved and fetched in AVI format.

The post-processor