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The Pre-processor


      The main function of the pre-processor is generating meshes. It can run on Win XP/NT/2000 platform. Through STL file format, InteCAST system can use the 3D model data of general 3D modeling software such as UG, PRO-E, AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge, I-DEAS, CATIA, and so on.Users can use the software to carry out meshing based on the precondition that STL files generated from the platform of the 3D modeling and must be comprehensive, that's to say including casting, sand core, chill, mold and so on. Each material corresponds to a different STL file.
      The interface includes menu, toolbar, status, a process bar, and displaying areas which involve the 3D drawing area, the information tree area, the meshing information area, the 2D drawing area and so on.
       The pre-processor can complete the same task by using menu and toolbar, but the latter one is more convenient.
      Menu and toolbar include functions such as
task planning, meshing, displaying results, setting, assistant, help and so on .
The pre-processor interface
Create a new meshing task.
      Once "accepting" a task, users can carry out meshing.The meshing result is saved after meshing accomplished and at the same time the system shows the 3D constructer of the whole casting meshed, including the gating and riser.
      Input display control parameters and show the meshing results.
New a meshing task